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Acrylic block window provides safety and privacy



Do your windows stay up (on their own)? We can correct that for you. We can service and repair all of your window’s operating problems. We can perform an evaluation of your windows, then perform window re-glazing or insulated glass unit replacements due to seal failure or breakage as needed.

We sell windows for new construction as well as replacement applications. A "replacement window" is custom built to fit within the opening of your existing window. It can be installed without disturbing the interior and exterior areas surrounding the window. A “new construction” window is as the name suggests. It is applied to the exterior of the building before it is sided.

Windows operate in many different ways and come in many different configurations. Call our shop and we can have windows made to your specifications.

If privacy is a concern, we can provide acrylic block windows or acrylic block shutters.

We offer Windows from the following manufacturers:

  • Armaclad
  • Coronado
  • Kohltech
  • Lockheed
  • National Vinyl
  • US Block
  • Victor
Windows & Screens Windows

Northlite Glass & Mirror is a full-service glass shop offering Windows to Residential customers in southern & coastal New Hampshire, as well as eastern Massachusetts. Our trained designers specialize in listening to your "dream descriptions". If you can imagine it, Northlite Glass & Mirror can visualize and fabricate it for you. Or we can just make you tabletops or fix your broken windows!