Neoceram Heat Resistant Glass
GlassNeoceram Heat Resistant Glass


Neoceram Heat Resistant Glass

Whether you are burning gas, wood pellets or even corn, today’s stoves and fireplaces can produce intense heat. While ordinary tempered glass withstands temperatures of up to approximately 500 degrees, higher levels of heat may cause it to crack, shatter or explode.

Neoceram is commonly referred to as glass, but in fact it is a ceramic product. The advantage of Neoceram is that it’s as transparent as glass, but has the heat resistant characteristics of ceramic, able to withstand continuous temperatures of up to 1292 degrees, about three times the heat resistance of tempered glass. It cannot be broken by heat during normal usage in a stove or gas fireplace.

Northlite Glass is the largest stocking distributor of Neoceram in New Hampshire. This enables us to promise one-day service on Neoceram. If your order is in by 10am, our glaziers will cut the Neoceram to any shape and size you need and have it ready for you after 2pm.

Glass Neoceram Heat Resistant Glass

Northlite Glass & Mirror is a full-service glass shop offering Neoceram Heat Resistant Glass to Residential customers in southern & coastal New Hampshire, as well as eastern Massachusetts. Our trained designers specialize in listening to your "dream descriptions". If you can imagine it, Northlite Glass & Mirror can visualize and fabricate it for you. Or we can just make you tabletops or fix your broken windows!