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Art Framing GlassArt Framing Glass

Art Framing Glass

In today’s world of picture framing, many glass products are available. These glass products can be put into three categories:

Regular – Also known a Clear.

Reduced Glare – Also known as Non-Glare.

Anti-Reflective – A special product that's as clear as regular glass but more anti-reflective than non-glare glass and also provides UV protection. We can supply you with Museum Glass, "Optimum" Museum Acrylic and Conservation Clear.

We offer Art Framing Glass from the following manufacturers:

  • Tru Vue by Apogee
    Glass Art Framing Glass

    Northlite Glass & Mirror is a full-service glass shop offering Art Framing Glass to Residential customers in southern & coastal New Hampshire, as well as eastern Massachusetts. Our trained designers specialize in listening to your "dream descriptions". If you can imagine it, Northlite Glass & Mirror can visualize and fabricate it for you. Or we can just make you tabletops or fix your broken windows!