Auto Glass Products & Services

Most people don’t realize that a windshield does a lot more than protect you from the weather, the wind and flying debris.  It’s actually an integral part of the car’s structure.  An automobile’s windshield is designed to prevent the roof from crushing you in a roll over accident.

You don’t want just anyone replacing your windshield and risking you or your loved ones safety.  Northlite Glass & Mirror ensures the integrity and safety of your vehicle by using products that continually meet or exceed the manufacturers standard quality requirements.  We are able to supply you with original equipment or after-market glass manufacturers.

We offer original equipment glass for all foreign and domestic cars and trucks, as well as Classics, RV’s, Antique’s, Semi’s, Heavy Equipment and Farm Equipment.  Call or email us for an estimate.

  • Windshield Repairs – A small crack or chip, when ignored over time, can spread across the entire length of your windshield.  Temperature changes in the windshield can cause it to expand and contract.  When this happens, most small cracks become progressively larger until the crack becomes too large to repair, requiring complete replacement of the windshield.

    Most insurance companies will cover the complete cost of a windshield repair by waiving your deductible.  This saves both you and your insurance company money in the long run.
  • Side View Mirrors – Do you have a broken side view mirror on your car?  Why spend all the money at the dealer for a completely new side view mirror, when all you really need is to replace the mirror part?  Northlite Glass & Mirror can supply you with a mirror that is made specifically to fit your vehicle.  The installation is quick and it’s much more cost effective than a trip to the dealer.
  • Rear View Mirrors – Has you rear view mirror fallen off your windshield?  Not a problem for Northlite glass & Mirror.  We can glue it back on for you.
  • Leaky Windshield – If there is no rust in the area of the leak, Northlite Glass & Mirror can fix a leaking windshield.
  • Door Glass – Are you having problems with your car window’s operation?  Our Auto Technicians can fix this for you.  If you require a new regulator, or motor, we can take care of that too.