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Safety Glass

Safety glass comes in several types: Tempered, Laminated, Wire, Impact & Bullet resistance as well as non-glass; Plexiglass & Polycarbonate.

Tempered -Boasting a strength about 5 times greater than that of normal glass, tempered safety glass is both harder and more brittle. Tempered glass is made using a process of rapid cooling and extreme heating that gives it these qualities. When tempered glass does break, it happens in a way that produces what look like small glass pebbles, rather than sharp shards. (More commonly used for shower doors)

Laminated-Frequently used for windshields and skylights, laminated glass can be created using tempered glass, but it boasts additional benefits. Laminated safety glass is made using 2 sheets of glass that are held together with a sheet of plastic. Laminated glass differs from tempered because when the pieces of glass are broken, the shards stay stuck to the plastic sheet that is sandwiched between them. (Known for use in windshields)

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