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mirrored wall with ballet bar and mirrored outlet cover

Custom MirrorsCustom MirrorsCustom Mirrors
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Custom Mirrors

Northlite Glass & Mirror is well known in the industry for their custom mirror work. The effect of mirrors can be very dramatic. They can bring additional light into a room and give the illusion of more space. We use the highest quality materials and have many years of experience in cutting mirrors to fit the most intricate shapes and designs including cutouts for lighting, switches & outlets. We can assist you with designing the mirrored wall that best suits your needs and adds value and uniqueness to your home.

Recently more people are adding gyms in their homes. We install floor-to-ceiling mirrors for these applications, as well as in commercial gyms, dojos and dance studios. Northlite Glass & Mirror can provide all sorts of mirrors, including colors, tints, antiques, and others designs.

Why not highlight your favorite frame with a mirror? Northlite Glass & Mirror glaziers can cut and install the mirror for you.

A mirrored closet door can make a room feel larger, as well as add a functional dressing mirror.

When your old mirror oxidizes and the silvering goes, Northlite Glass & Mirror can help you with a replacement.

Mirrors Custom Mirrors

Northlite Glass & Mirror is a full-service glass shop offering Custom Mirrors to Residential customers in southern & coastal New Hampshire, as well as eastern Massachusetts. Our trained designers specialize in listening to your "dream descriptions". If you can imagine it, Northlite Glass & Mirror can visualize and fabricate it for you. Or we can just make you tabletops or fix your broken windows!